StorSimple Integrates the Cloud into Your Primary Storage

Picture this.  You have a primary storage device.  It appears to be a typical SAN, except it only takes up 2U of rack space.  The SAN utilizes SSD and SAS and tiers sub-LUN blocks to optimize the performance of these drives.  These boxes are fully redundant and enable cross-volume deduplication.

In most cases, these features would grab your attention.  The only question is, how much storage could you really fit in 2U?  What if I said it was unlimited?

Technically, I’m not pulling your leg.  The StorSimple devices integrate cloud storage right into your primary storage.  Inactive data is pushed to the third tier of disk, which is in this case a cloud service, and is recalled to the device when it becomes active again. StorSimple really brings another use to the cloud.  This approach does not depend purely on bandwidth for performance and may be a compelling reason to move to a cloud infrastructure.

For those that are interested, the Taneja Group’s Technology Validation Service did a study on the StorSimple devices and the Executive Summary can be found here. You can also download the full report here.



Source: StorSimple



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