Taking Your Company Public – Public Cloud, That Is

On-demand IT service, increased efficiency, best-in-class technology and above all, a great reduction in IT costs and resources – to the decision makers, the benefits of utilizing the cloud for their firm’s IT needs are highly alluring.  Despite all of the appeals, a survey of 247 Fortune1000 from TheInfoPro reported that only 10% of the respondents would use the public cloud for the storage-as-as-service piece. What’s behind the hesitation?

The two main factors are security and control. Most firms would prefer to deploy their own private cloud instead of leveraging the public cloud. With a private cloud, IT managers can be certain that the data is still on their floor, within their control and within the confines of their firm’s secure grounds. However, deploying a private cloud is not free of complications. A few issues noted by ComputerWorld include budget, scalability and reconfiguring legacy hardware for integration into the private cloud. Additionally, if anything goes wrong, the responsibility rests solely on your IT team, who may not have the resources or budget to fix the issues.

Just consider: it’s great to have your own private jet, but flying first-class is sometimes just as good.


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